Website interface design is a continuous process as web technology changes from time to time. At some point in time, you need to redesign your website due to numerous reasons.

In order to help you in redesigning the website, the website redesign checklist turns out to be quite helpful. Website redesigning is quite a long and tedious process. It can either turn out to be a huge success or either fail terribly. Proper planning of the redesign of the website can help you ensure that the website thus redesigned can be able to achieve the desired goals. The website redesigning checklist helps you to turn your website into an inbound marketing machine for long-term success.

Website Redesign Best Practices

Before redesigning the website, it is necessary that you have a proper idea of some important metrics. It also helps you to provide some objective insights on how the website is performing. Some of these important insights are:

Traffic: Get information about the number of visits, visitors, unique visitors, etc.

Bounce Rate: It provides information about how the website is perceived by your users.

Time on Site: The time spent by visitors on your site displays how the users like your website.

SEO Ranking: The SEO ranking of your website is an important parameter and it is necessary that you get an idea of for what keywords your website ranks.

Performance Ranking: The Domain authority of the website is an important parameter of the performance ranking.

Conversion: The number of new leads and their conversion is the measure of the effectiveness of your website and how the users perceive your website.

Sales: The identification of the sales and their generated ROI also provides an idea of the success of your websiteI

If you are considering a website redesign, there must be some genuine reasons for it. By using some information you gathered by conducting a survey from the experts about your website, you can start working for it. You may be in need of increasing brand awareness, create client loyalty or you may want to convert more visitors into customers.

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